Learn About Wordpress

Why You Should Use WordPress

Whether you're only starting your business or you are trying to make your business more visible online, you can choose to be happy with WordPress. It might also be that you haven't had a site for a long time but you haven't been happy with it, you would find a good solution through WordPress. Simply put, the WordPress site is a publishing platform used for the creation of sites and blog sites. This also allows for a user interface that's highly customizable. There are millions of sites that WordPress has been used for. Some of them are the following: CNN, People Magazine, New York Times blogs, Ford, and even PlayStation.


But those big names are not the only reasons why WordPress has to be considered for Your Online Business:


WordPress is here to stay.

This is an open source content management system or CMS that has made waves in the online world. It is said that around 14 percent of the millions of sites around the world are powered by WordPress. WordPress is also often praised by many IT professionals like web designers, web developers, and also users due to their ease of use. This is the major reason why it has become very popular and its popularity just keeps on increasing.  For more details about wordpress, visit https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/WordPress.


WordPress isn't merely for blogging.

It used to be that WordPress is only associated with blogging. Today it isn't only a solution about blogging. It has come a long way and it has grown to be a comprehensive content management system suite that's used to power a lot of different types of sites such as business sites, job boards, and others.


WordPress is free.

If you're going to have a customized CMS developed it could cost a lot; hence it would be better to choose WordPress which would cost you nothing. Apart from the entire system's being free, its plugins are also free and they are all open source. This means that you can edit them anytime.

WordPress is also known to be flexible.


As mentioned above, WordPress is open source. This means that the source code used in running WordPress can be available to the public. This means that anyone found on the planet may be able to modify the code if ever necessary. Any person may also customize WordPress further until they achieve whatever they want it to be. More often this is not at all necessary but the plugins and themes meant for the platform are also open source, view website here!